California produces some of the highest quality cotton in the world. 

We use Cleaner Cotton™ with the purpose of supporting positive ecological change in America’s cotton cultivation practices.

 Gary Martin and Lydia Wendt discuss the Cleaner Cotton™ crop

Gary Martin and Lydia Wendt discuss the Cleaner Cotton™ crop


Why buy CCF's luxuriously soft and long wearing
Cleaner Cotton™ apparel and textiles?

CCF buys cleaner cotton because it is grown without the 13 most toxic chemicals in California conventional cotton production. With higher yields than organic; Cleaner Cotton™ is making measurable inroads into natural resources conservation and financial sustainability for growers.


Mari and Gary Martin, 3rd generation family farmers grow the Cleaner Cotton™ used in California Cloth Foundry's fabrics and fashion.

Sustainable Cotton Project (SCP’s) programs support California family farmers and rural communities while reducing significant volumes of chemicals used in California cotton production: specifically 50 to 73 percent less toxic chemical inputs than conventional cotton, with measurable reductions of chemicals to California’s local watersheds. SCP introduces conventional growers to biological/sustainable farming systems, and once they see how it works on cotton, they often use these practices in managing the other crops they farm.