Grown to Sewn in our own backyard
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California Cloth Foundry is about trust and creating the most sustainable cloth, and clothes, possible. We are a grassroots company making all natural apparel and textiles that are good for people and planet alike. Within the garment industry “sustainable” is a term in danger of losing currency. Our understanding of sustainability starts with a transparent and well-documented local supply chain that considers the full ecological and social footprint of product development. This means that from farm to fashion each aspect of production has been labeled, barcoded, registered, inspected, and thoughtfully designed to meet the highest ecological and ethical standards. These ethos encompass not only environmentally sustainable fibers and non-toxic processes, but focus on fair wages and healthy working conditions from the agricultural workers on through to the mill and factory employees.  In addition, there are no toxins added during yarn and cloth production or garment manufacturing. This means no harmful chemicals are released into the air or onto the skin of our supply chain partners, their employees, or you, the consumer.

At CCF we reverse engineer our product development. Whether it's for our CCF eco-pure apparel, or a hoodie for The North Face Backyard Project, we start with the end goal in mind: well designed, healthy, clean clothes, from certified fiber to textile treatments; an ethical and sustainable triple bottom line supply chain. 

Our textiles and apparel have an impact on US jobs reaching far beyond the fields. We source all our natural materials, manufacturers, and mills domestically. CCF works closely with multi-generation yarn spinners and textile mills, dyers and finishers, family-run manufacturers alongside local sustainable fiber producers and natural dyer/print mavericks in order to keep production in our own backyard.

In concurrence with developing apparel and textiles, made of high quality natural fibers and superior workmanship with a local supply chain, we hope to alter the consumer’s relationship with the fabrics and clothing that they purchase. In today’s apparel industry, soft goods are often poorly made and their short lifespans are a casualty of planned obsolescence. We thoughtfully design and create fabrics to be cared for, repaired, and passed on–not landfilled. It is our hope that after a long life of use, our textiles can be composted worry free, as from soil to skin and back again our products are carefully produced without the addition of heavy metals, salts, petrochemicals and toxins.



Natural Fibers

Plants and Proteins Not Fossil Fuels



Fabric into Human Cover

 No Petrochemicals Added

Only all-natural Dyes, Processes and Prints

GOTS Certified Natural Dyes






Sustainability/ Accountability


USDA Certified Fibers & Vetted US Factories